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Q: What is a hippogriff?

A: Hippogriffs are magical creatures with the front legs, wings, and head of a giant eagle and the body of a horse. They are known for their pride and can be quite temperamental, demanding respect from those who approach them. 

Q: What do I wear?

A: We want everyone to look and FEEL their best! Think Sunday church clothes meets country chic. Sundress, cocktail dresses, jeans with button ups and even slacks and sports coats. This is an outdoor venue in Texas in January, so it could be freezing, or it could be sunny and 75. Plan and dress accordingly!

Q: Are kids allowed?

A: If your kiddos were included in your invitation, please feel free to bring them, just be sure to add them to your RSVP. If your kids were not included, and you need to bring them, please reach out to the bride or groom. There will not be a designated sitter at the ceremony or reception for children.

Q: Can I Bring a guest?

A: If your invitation was addressed to you and a guest yes, you can bring a plus one! Families, please limit your party to only those addressed on the invitation. We have limited space at the venue. If you have questions please reach out to the bride and groom, and please RSVP by the noted date!

Q: Will there be a bar?

A: Yes, but it's set pretty low... <-- (Erin doesn't know I put that there), but if we are talking drinks... YES! We will have an open bar with specialty cocktails, with some wine, beer and a few mixed drinks. If you prefer a specific drink, feel free to bring it but you MUST check it in with the bar tender. There will be no shots of liquor, this is a venue rule not a bride and groom rule. Also, if you plan on drinking; PLEASE plan to Uber, carpool, taxi, Lyft…just please do not drive. We want everyone to have fun and to be safe.

Q: Can I use my cell phone/camcorder/go-pro during the ceremony?

A: NO! the ceremony is unplugged. We have hired a professional photographer to capture the ceremony. We want all our guests to be present and to be able to fully enjoy the ceremony. Please silence and refrain from using any and all electronic devices during the ceremony. But please feel free to take as many photos and videos as possible during the reception!

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: The ceremony will begin at 3:00 pm, please plan to arrive at 2:30 so you can find the ceremony area (located at the back of the venue property) and find your seat. There will be venue staff present to show you to the ceremony area.

Q: What is parking like?

A: There is a large gravel parking lot on the venue property.

Q: What are we eating?

A: We will be eating Teas BBQ provided by Back Forty smoke house. Meals will include your choice of smoked brisket or BBQ chicken, served with green beans and Mac n’ Cheese. There will be cake and mini cupcakes at the reception provided by Barnett Sweets and CO.

Q: Should I get a gift?

A: No one is expected to get us a gift! We do have a registry with amazon or a QR code for our venmo if you would like to donate to our honeymoon, but only if you want! We are just so excited to share this experience with you and are just so happy you have taken the time out of your busy lives to attend our wedding.

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